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    Florida Floor Coverings is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the consultation, installation and repair of ceramic and vinyl (VCT) tile, quarry tile, wood, laminate, carpet and grout. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

    Florida Floor Coverings Products – Ceramic & Vinyl (VCT) Tile, Quarry Tile, Wood, Laminate, Carpet & Grout

    Whether you need floor coverings for a new commercial venue or a remodeling project to increase the value and appeal of your retail space, Florida Floor Coverings can supply and install ceramic or vinyl (VCT) tile, quarry tile, wood, laminate, carpet or grout.

    Florida Floor Coverings can offer top name products from all manufacturers. In addition, we offer floor covering products in a variety of formats and quality levels to meet the specific needs of your flooring project.

    Floor Coverings

    Ceramic Tiles & Quarry

    Ceramic porcelain or quarry are best used in areas with high traffic or the need for regular cleaning or areas where water or other liquids are likely to be in contact with the flooring surface. We can provide samples according to your preferred quality grade, intended use and the location where it will be installed.
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    Floor Coverings

    Vinyl Tiles (VCT)

    Vinyl composition tile or VCT is often used to cover floors with high traffic, particularly in commercial/retail space or institutional buildings such as schools and hospitals. Thanks to its ease of maintenance and the wide variety of colors available make it an excellent flooring alternative to conventional tile.
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    Floor Coverings

    Carpet & Carpet Tile

    Carpet is a popular option for areas with low or high traffic indoor locations, such as office complexes. While it requires more maintenance than conventional tile floors, carpet or carpet tile in commercial grade quality allows you to cover your floors in style and cost-efficiently to beautify and enhance your space.
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    Floor Coverings


    Grout and epoxy grout completes any tile project by not only complementing its colors, but by creating a seal for the floor cover. Along with new grout sales and installation, we can also repair old and damaged grout to help restore the look of any flooring surface to its original state, protecting and enhancing any commercial, office and retail space.
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