Florida Floor Coverings commercial work includes:

  • Restaurants

  • Retail Shops

  • Shopping Centers

  • Executive Offices

  • New Commercial Developments

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Florida Floor Coverings is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the consultation, installation and repair of ceramic and vinyl (VCT) tile, quarry tile, wood, laminate, carpet and grout. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

Florida Floor Coverings Projects – Commercial, Retail, Restaurant and Office

Our projects include commercial, retail, restaurant and office complexes—and Florida Floor Coverings works hard to ensure that your needs are met and that your projects are completed from beginning to end with the highest level of quality and integrity.

Given our experience, Florida Floor Coverings can meet the specific needs of any project—whether commercial, office or retail—to deliver the highest quality possible and at a competitive price.

Floor Coverings

Commercial & Retail

Florida Floor Coverings has done work in diverse commercial
and retail facilities, such as shopping malls, strip malls, supermarkets, bars/lounges and parks. In new construction, our team can give the business schedule for these types of facilities, we can work overnight, on weekends or other odd hours to ensure that your customers will not be disturbed and business can continue to go on.

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Restaurant & Food Preparation

With extensive experience in restaurant and food preparation, Florida Floor Coverings understands that damage to your floors due to food and grease, water, and chemical damage, as well as wear and tear, weather inclement, or accidents requiring prompt repair to ensure that your floors remain in top shape. Whether you need to repair cracked or broken tiles, reseal tiles, replace grout or old damaged carpet, our floor covering repair experts are ready to meet your needs with prompt and professional floor repair service.
Floor Coverings


Florida Floor Coverings are experts at remodeling and improving existing floor covering products, such as ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile. Our flooring repair experts can also inspect and replace cracked or missing grout, replace grout and perform other aesthetic repairs. We are ready to ensure that your original investment withstands wear and tear due to high foot-traffic or weather conditions that erode or damage existing grout on your floor.