Florida Floor Coverings serves your needs with a variety of product types:

  • Ceramic & Porceline Tiles—all grades

  • Vinyl (VCT) Tiles—all grades

  • Quarry Stone

  • Carpet—all grades, as well as carpet tiles

  • Thinset & Adhesives

  • Wood & Laminate

  • Grout & Re-Grouting
  • Call Florida Floor Coverings today at (407) 331-3543 to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in planning a budget for your current and upcoming projects.

    Florida Floor Coverings is a family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience in the consultation, installation and repair of ceramic and vinyl (VCT) tile, quarry tile, carpet, wood, laminate and grout. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

    Florida Floor Coverings Services – Consulting, Installation & Repair

    Our services include the consulting, installations, repairs and other custom projects—including overnight work to meet deadlines or during off-peak hours—involving ceramic or vinyl (VCT) tile, quarry tile, wood, laminate, carpet and grout.

    Florida Floor Coverings has the expertise to meet your needs, no matter what type of project you have—whether it is a new building installation or remodeling project. In addition, our team of specialists works with your construction or project management staff to ensure that deadlines are met and in conjunction with other contractors or development phases.

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    Florida Floor Coverings offers consulting and recommendations for quality ceramic tile, quarry, vinyl, carpet wood, laminate and grout from top manufacturers and in multiple grades for use in commercial or retail projects. We can offer advice and provide samples to inspire ideas and make decisions on your new design. In addition, we can also working with all construction professionals to ensure that their clients receive the highest quality products and service.

    Floor Coverings


    Florida Floor Coverings can install any flooring products, either sold by us or purchased from other sources, and our installers can work around or with your schedule—whether it is nights or weekends. Whether you need ceramic tile, quarry tile, vinyl, carpet, wood or laminate installed, we can handle it. In addition, our installers are fully insured, guaranteeing safety and precision workmanship in every new or remodeling project.

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    Florida Floor Coverings understands that damage to your floors due to wear and tear, weather inclement or accidents requires prompt repair to ensure that your floors remain in top shape. Whether you need to repair cracked or broken tiles, reseal tiles and grout, or replace old or damaged carpet, our floor covering repair experts are ready to meet your needs with prompt and professional floor repair service.
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    Florida Floor Coverings are experts at remodeling and improving existing floor covering products, such as ceramic and quarry tile. Our flooring repair experts can also inspect and replace cracked grout lines, reseal grout and perform other aesthetic repairs. We are ready to ensure that your original investment withstands wear and tear due to high foot-traffic, cleaning chemical damage or harsh weather conditions that erode or damage existing grout on your floor.